Tribraco- "Glue" CD (Megasound, 2011)
The Orange Man Theory-  7"inches vinyl split with "Lucky Funeral" (2010)
Compilation "Il Seme" CD - Thrangh  (Canecane, 2010)

     Compilation "Ma che musica" vol.  3CD (percussions in "Cashmere") Andrea Apostoli (Ed.Curci2010)             

                                                     Jorge Omar Sosa "...a tempo rubato"  2010.

The Orange Man Theory- "Satan told me i'm right" CD (Supernova  records, SubSound 2009)

Tribraco - "Cracking The Whip" (Megasound, 2008)

Thrangh- "Erzefilisch" CD (Altipiani, 2007)
Black rainbows- "Twilight in the desert" CD (Longfellow deeds records, 2007)

Tribraco- "A wrong way to do that" CD  2007
Thrangh- "Il castigo esemplare" CD 2006

Egg- CD (Vacation house records, SoulCraft recordings 2003)